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Online Mathematics Learning

Welcome to our classroom website. Your student will be using content from this site throughout the year to aid in their understanding of Algebra and Geometry. I have worked with many Math teachers over the years to compile all of the resources that you will see on this site. I will attach their sites and/or YouTube links on the links page. It maybe helpful for you to subscribe to their YouTube site and Bookmark their website as you should mine also. Please E-Mail me at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns at: lkey2@pcsstn.com

Educational Philosophy

First, education is about the desire to learn, not the obligation. The process of learning should be pleasurable, interesting, and helpful. Learning should not only be limited to schools. It should teach students how to pursue, value, and love knowledge and enjoy learning. Second, education is a life-long learning process. What students learn in schools is not enough to prepare for practical living. Students should be able to organize, understand, and apply what they learn in order to cope with the complex and diverse questions of their daily life. They should have the abilities to know how to use what they have learned and to continue to learn and create “new” knowledge to solve problems they meet when they leave schools. Finally, education is life. Students need to be educated to become a modern citizen and need to be able to think critically to solve complex problems they will face in life.